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Watching the Ford Mustang drift at Nurburgring "Green Hell"

Professional driver Vaughn Gittin Jr of Maryland with "Ford Mustang" sports car "companion" had an impressive performance through 73 turns.

Nurburgring is a famous race track in Germany. It was chosen to host a series of famous racing cars, not only that, it is also an ideal place for automakers to test new cars. Nurburgring also welcomes amateur drivers to conquer turns

Recently, American driver Vaughn Gittin Jr. had an impressive performance on this track. Unlike other high-speed car performances, this time Vaughn Gittin Jr showed off his drift skills by 73 turns.

Drift at the Nurburgring is absolutely not an easy thing. In the past, no one had ever practiced this skill here.

The Ford Mustang RTR in the video has been upgraded to maximum capacity, the V8 engine produces more than 900 horsepower, the highest rpm is 9000 rpm. In the 7-minute video, the audience was satisfied with the extremely skillful drift scenes. Even Vaughn Gittin Jr. is "adventurous" enough to make the car slid across the track. In the process, Ford said, Vaughn Gittin Jr. burned three different tires.