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Go-Kart Car

Go-Kart Car

Go-Kart is a four-wheel drive vehicle, usually run on miniature racing models. Currently, Go-Kart vehicles are classified based on the structure with the specific speed difference as follows

The non-geared Kart with cylinder capacity of 100 - 125cc. This type of car is used in short race cycles. And this is also the type of vehicle (after modification) used in many amusement parks and parks for children. This vehicle is divided into 3 types: KF1, KF2, KF3. In which KF1 is a specialized line for use in world racing tournaments, riders must be over 15 years old, the maximum speed is 140km / h, the engine is at least 16,000 rpm. KF2 is the same car type as KF1 but its motor has a lower frequency than KF1 of 15,000 rounds / minute. KF3 is a smaller car for children aged 13-15 years and an engine of 14,000 rpm.

The gearbox with cylinder capacity of 125cc and has an international name as KZ. CIK - FIA has classified this vehicle into 2 lines: KZ1 and KZ2. Both types of vehicles have a capacity of 125cc, run on a 2-stroke engine and yield about 42 horsepower, however the KZ1 has a power transmission and KZ2 is a manual-controlled gearbox and completely mechanical.

Superkart is the most powerful motor vehicle in the Kart series with a cylinder capacity of up to 250cc, engine 100 horsepower and maximum speed can reach 240km / h. The race of this model is one of the largest and most popular racing tournaments in the world. This is the type of vehicle that you will be able to get to market at DAI NAM RACING on spectacular roads with professional, full-fledged racers.