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The most VOC impressive driver

The most VOC impressive driver

The young driver Kieu Lan Anh from Beat.vn team got the most impressive driver tittle at the first time she participate in this Championship 

Anyone watched VOC 2018 cup must be extremely impressed with Beatvn's performance in the second test. When Beatvn's car is returning to its finish, the license plate number is dropped. Kieu Lan Anh did not hesitate to jump out of the car to find the plate in the mud. This is the moment to turn Kieu Anh into the most impressive athlete of this year's VOC.


"This is the first time I join VOC as a driver. I'm so excited and worry also for I have never drive at such rugged road and surprising to got the title". She even not told her parents the decision to come for racing in VOC - the biggest off road cup in Vietnam.

"I and other members in Beat.vn team was thinking the impressive tittle must be belong to Ms Pha - Que because both of them are pretty, skillful and their car looks unique"

Explainning about inconsonant outfit, she said: “ My bussiness trip and VOC is tight turning so I was unable to change my dresses before moving to Dong Mo for VOC”. Despite the entanglement and plus slippery roads, Kieu Lan Anh still ran at full speed with a spirit of enthusiasm. This has helped Beatvn's Nissan Navara car receive cheering cheers from the audience.

"I will definitely participate in the next season if its match my schedule . But I will have to try to do more exercise to improve my health."

The performance of Beatvn team has shown VOC's spirit: fun, connecting offroad enthusiasts.