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Vietnamese Motorsport Association LLC (VMA LLC) has been established with the aim of ensuring the safe and sustainable development, management and promotion of motorsport in Vietnam.

In December 2018, VMA LLC has been appointed by The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as the sole government body to sanction and manage motorsport-related activities in Vietnam. According to that, VMA LLC will work closely with the General Department of Sports and Physical Training and competent government and local body to organize and manage motor racing competitions over the country in compliance with vietnamese and FIA sporting code.

VMA LLC strike to ensure self-sustainability by generating earning from various sources of revenue such as providing event sanction services, offcials’ training and licensing, sponsorship etc. to fully fill the role of a motorsport promoter and to commit to social responsibilities.



  • Be responsible for the governance and administration of all major forms of motor sport in the country, controlling the technical and sporting rules across the various disciplines.
  • Promote and improve motor sport as a widely recognised, accepted and respected sport, and by valorizing the values and spirit of competitive sport and fairness.
  • Develop and maintain safety, technical, judicial, accreditation, training and compliance systems, and other intellectual property necessary for the effective management and development of the sport and for these systems and services to be provided to members, other customers and the community.
  • Provide this system and service to members, clients and the community in order to synchronize competitions’ quality according to international standards.
  • Formulate, issue, interpret, implement, enforce and amend as required the national comprtition rules as necessary for the control and conduct of motor sport in the country.
  • Issue competition licences, officials’ licences, track/course licences and competition permits in accordance with the national competition rules ad FIA international sporting code.
  • Advance and grow motorsports for Vietnamese participants at all levels.
  • Design and promote programmes aimed at safety, training and education in motoring and motor sport.
  • Engage with local and regional motorsport stakeholders to advance public interest and involvement in motorsport. Collaborate thourougly with others FIA members in the region and over the world for the development of motorsport.
  • Promote and be committed to road safety.

Main Line of Activities

  • Recruitment, management and training of officials.
  • Organisation of Formula 1 Hanoi Grand Prix (VMA LLC with training support of CAMS).
  • Establishment of licence and membership systems.
  • Establish appropriate organisational structure and appoint suitably qualified personnel to organize and sanction competitive motor sport activity, including the F1 Hanoi Grand Prix.
  • Establish appropriate organisational structure and appoint suitably qualified personnel to organize and sanction competitive motor sport activity, including the F1 Hanoi Grand Prix.
  • Provide high level of training and accreditation to Vietnamese Officials in line with FIA best practices.
  • Ensure a safe environment for competitors, officials and fans.
  • Development of other motorsport activities & driver development programs.
  • Engagement with existing National Motorsport activities (Off Road Cup).
  • Development of rules, regulations and championship structure.
  • Development of grassroots development programs including Karting and Cross Kart.
  • Provision of medical services for motorsport events.
  • Development of infrastructure and facilities.
  • Establishment of young driver academy.
  • Work in collaboration with stakeholders in both public and private sectors and leverage the profile of motorsport to tackle the road safety challenge through advocacy activities.

Executive Board

Advisor & Mentor

Motorsport Australia is a not-for-profit member-based organisation focused on the development, regulation and administration of motorsport across Australia. Motorsport Australia has a proud history and has been the custodian of motorsport in Australia since 1953. The organisation is the Australian delegated National Sporting Authority (ASN) by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), the governing body for world motorsport and the federation of the world’s leading motoring organisations.

Beside organsing the FORMULA 1 Australian Grand Prix, Motorsport Australia is one of the most prestigious ASNs to deliver high quality Officials Training Programs around the world, including Korea, Singapore, Russia and Vietnam.