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What should we do to enjoy an off-road performent?

What should we do to enjoy an off-road performent?

All interest is pouring into the Vietnam Ethnic Culture Village, when Vietnam Off-road Cup 2018 is going to be held after one more week.

For many people, especially Vietnamese motorcyclists, the village of Vietnamese ethnic culture (Dong Mo tourist area) is not strange. Diverse mountainous terrain, spacious yard and natural river and lake system are really gifts that nature bestows.

Since the inauguration in 2010 until now, the Village of Vietnamese Ethnic Culture has become an extremely ideal place for the OTOFUN forum to organize the Golden Steering Wheel, Competition for terrain driving skills and later Vietnam Off-road Cup (VOC).

For the convenience of audiences to follow the upcoming off-road tournament, OTOFUN News would like to introduce readers a number of residence addresses as well as restaurants and eateries around the village Ethnic culture of Vietnam. 

The Vietnamese Ethnic Culture Village is located more than 40 km away from Hanoi, located in Dong Mo hamlet, Son Tay town, Ba Vi district. Moving from the center of Hanoi, viewers went along Thang Long Boulevard to Hoa Lac - Xuan Mai crossroads and continued straight for another 13 km to reach the Vietnamese Ethnic Culture Village.

Moving by car

If you want to have direct access to the circruit, make sure your vehicle is equipped with a four-wheel drive system or an All Terrain tire. Because the terrain in Dong Mo will becomes a giant mud beach when it rains, low-roaring sedans or crossovers with front-drive system will face many difficulties when moving, may even get bogged down.

Parking outside and taking a pickup or SUV is the best option. (photo: Manh Quan)

Moving by bike

Motorbikes are highly mobile vehicles, helping you move quickly between test routes. However, rainy weather and muddy soil will make it difficult to move. Not surprisingly, the bike was so muddy.

The village has arranged security outside the track to look after the car, so the audience can leave the car outside. 

Wear comfortable clothes as possible

Experience shows that wearing comfortable clothes will help you move easily in Dong Mo. However, you must also pay attention to weather conditions in the 2 days of the tournament. If when it rains, you only need a minimum of a raincoat, in the sunny weather conditions in Dong Mo you will have to equip yourself.

More than enough! (photo by: Manh Quan).

The heat of the sun was constant all day long, it was easy to dehydrate the body. Therefore, to ensure the health and monitor the race completely, you need to wear a wide-brimmed hat, long-sleeved shirt, especially drink lots of water. For women, actively applying sunscreen will be an effective method to protect the skin. Families with young children need to pay special attention to prevent them from getting colds or fever.

Restaurant and Hotel?

Throughout the road from Thang Long Boulevard to Cultural Village, there are many shops selling nutritional products from cow and goat milk - specialty has become a trademark of Ba Vi district. If you want to bring back as gifts for friends and relatives, the stores of Ba Vi Dairy Joint Stock Company is a great idea.

Besides, in Son Tay, there are always places to eat and drink serving large groups such as Ga ri (familiar destination of pickup club members). The restaurant menu has typical dishes such as chicken, pig, phone number for booking: 0989129277.

Some other locations such as Lam Son Trang Ga ri Restaurant with grilled, steamed and boiled dishes. Especially, the restaurant serves casual rice, (50,000 VND/ person), contact 0915893395 for booking. In addition, you can also contact the Hoa Lac Vien restaurant of Mr. Xuan Nghiem - a member of the pickup club (Phone: 0989553238).

If you want to try new dishes, Ngoai O restaurant serves crab and fish dishes in a  cool space. Please call 0988511179 for booking in advance.

Vietnam Off-road Cup not only attracts the drivers and spectators but also has a large amount of logistics teams and techniques to timely support the riders. Therefore, it is not easy to find a place to relax and relax for the whole team for 2 long days. 

Therefore, in order to facilitate logistics teams of teams and car companies to take care of drivers and members in the VOC, the Organizing Committee has arranged a number of self-camp locations.

If you follow a large group of 5 to 7 people and wish to find a nearest getaway, you can contact some motels, accommodation facilities around the village of Vietnamese Ethnic Culture.

Hoang Dat guest house (phone number: 01259692193) room rate is about 150,000 VND to 200,000 VND / night. More advanced, there is Tan Vien hotel (phone number: 0165332371) room rate is about 250,000 VND to 450,000 VND, Huong Ly hotel, phone number 043 6855812. The number of rooms in these facilities is limited, you should take the initiative Early booking.

Recently, the trend of using pickup in outdoor activities such as camping is popular, giving yourself and your companions a wonderful experience between nature. Even in the pickup group, there is also a small group of vehicles. Camping between Dong Mo nature and family and friends is also a unique idea. Carefully prepare essential items, especially insect repellent and keep a clean campsite